Here is the Ice Captain schedule for the month of November.
If you are listed and unable to be there, please switch with another parent and make the correction on the copy on the club bulletin board. Thanks!

Nov. 6th- Lauren (STAR), Taryn (Comp)

7th- Alexis (S), Annika (C)

8th- Emma P. (C)

9th - Aiden (S), Julia (C)

12th - Marijka(C)

13th - Piper (S), Taryn (C)

14th - Emma W. (S), Cassidy (C)

15th - Taryn (C)

16th- Madison (S), Julia (C)

17th - Marijka (C)

19th - Taryn (C)

20th - Madison (S), Annika (C)

21st - Raegan (S), Julia (C)

22nd - Cassidy (C)

23rd- Layla (S), Marijka(C)

27th - Melissa (S), Emma P. (C)

28th- Marayna(S), Cassidy (C)

29th - Raegan (C)

30th - Olivia (S), Annika (C)