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Skate Brandon Refund Policy  - as of August 31, 2023

Skate Brandon reserves the right to cancel any program for which there is insufficient paid registration.

Sessions are non-transferable and there are no refunds for missed sessions.

If injured, refunds will ONLY be considered when accompanied by a medical note fully explaining the injury and the required time off.

Refunds will be considered where public health guidelines affect program delivery or facility operation.

All approved refunds will be prorated and subjected to an administration charge as well as the $58.70 Skate Canada fee.


Skate Brandon Safety and Discipline Policy 

In order to maintain the highest standard of safety on the ice and to ensure adequate working conditions for all skaters, it is expected that all skaters will abide by the following rules. These rules will be enforced reasonably by the ice captain on duty and by the coaches. Any infraction may warrant an initial warning. Any serious infraction will result in a skater being suspended for the remainder of the day. 

1. No drinks, food or gum are permitted at the ice level. 
2. Only water bottles are acceptable. 
3. To prevent accidents, skaters must keep moving during all skating sessions. When a fall occurs, skaters are encouraged to get up immediately. 
4. Inappropriate language on or off the ice (in the dressing room) will not be tolerated. 
5. Be courteous to your fellow skaters. Please share the ice. Be careful not to step in front of others, and vie the right-of-way to others when appropriate. The skater whose free skate music is being played has the first right of way, next is the skater having a lesson. 
6. Respond immediately and courteously to directions of the coaches or ice captain. 
7. Skate Brandon will not be responsible for any injuries sustained during the skating seasons. 
8. Do not leave valuables of any kind in the dressing rooms. Skate Brandon cannot assume any liability for loss. 
9. Skaters unable to attend a session must notify their coach. 
10. Skaters are expected to be on time for their sessions. 
11. Skaters must receive permission from a coach to leave the ice during a session. 
12. Kleenex must be disposed of properly in a garbage container. 
13. Guards must be worn off the ice to protect the blades. 
14. Dressing rooms must be cleared of any debris after each session. Failure to do so may result in the loss of dressing room use. 

Ice Etiquette Policy of Skate Brandon 

Following is Skate Brandon’s ice etiquette policy. These basic guidelines must be observed for safety, and to ensure that everyone can make effective use of their ice time.

1) Courtesy 
First and foremost is courtesy. It is essential to respect the rights of other skaters and be constantly aware of who is around you. If you seem to be surrounded by skaters of significantly greater or lesser skills, be especially careful! Strive to avoid collisions! 

2) Right of Way Guidelines 
a. Right of way goes to the skater who doesn't see the potential for a collision: We all try to give way to skaters performing programs or taking lessons, but safety is the most important factor. Just because your music is playing doesn't give you the right to put anyone in danger. 
b. Lessons: Skaters are often looking at their coach when they would otherwise be looking around the ice. Attention is divided. 
c. Programs: Complicated choreography and fatigue make it more difficult to avoid collisions. Learn to listen to the music and know which music goes with which skater. After some time, it's also possible to learn some of the patterns in others' programs, e.g. a straight line diagonal footwork sequence goes with the boom/boom/boom part of the music, etc. 
d. Spins: You can't see anything when you're spinning. Never skate close to a spinning skater, even if your music is playing. Always give spinners enough space to change positions into a camel spin (e.g. don't skate close to a sit spin because it may not be a sit spin anymore when you get there). 
e. Competitions/Test Days: During the week prior to a competition or test session, skaters competing or testing will have priority over those not competing or testing. 


Purpose of this Policy 
1. Privacy of personal information is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). This policy describes the way that Skate Brandon collects, uses, retains, safeguards personal information, and states Skate Brandon’s commitment to collecting, using and disclosing personal information responsibly. This policy is based on the standards required by PIPEDA, and Skate Brandon’s interpretation of these responsibilities. 

Personal Information 
2. Personal information is information about an identifiable individual. Personal information includes information that relates to their personal characteristics (e.g., gender, age, income, home address or phone number, ethnic background, family status), their health (e.g., health history, health conditions, health services received by them) or their activities and views (e.g., religion, politics, opinions expressed by an individual, an opinion or evaluation of an individual). Personal information, however, does not include business information (e.g., an individual’s business address and telephone number), which is not protected by privacy legislation. 

3. Personal information will only be collected by Skate Brandon to meet and maintain the 
highest standard of organizing and programming the sport of Figure Skating. Skate Brandon collects personal information from prospective members, members, coaches, officials, participants, team managers and volunteers for purposes that include, but are not limited to, the following: 
- Name, address, phone number, cell phone number, fax number and e mail address for the purpose of communicating about Skate Canada Manitoba’s programs, events and activities. 
- NCCP number, education, resumes and experience for database entry at the Coaching Association of Canada to determine level of certification and coaching qualifications. Skate Canada number to determine level of certification, coaching qualifications and registration confirmation 
appropriate level of play. 
- Criminal records check and related personal reference information for the purpose of implementing Skate Brandon’s volunteer screening program. 
- Personal health information including provincial health card numbers, allergies, emergency contact and past medical history for use in the case of medical emergency. 
- Athlete information including height, weight, feedback from coaches and trainers, performance results for athlete registration forms, outfitting uniforms, media relations, and various components of athlete and team selection. 

If a purpose has not been identified herein, Skate Brandon will seek consent from individuals when personal information is used for a purpose not already consented to. This consent will be documented as to when and how it was received. 

4. By providing personal information to Skate Brandon, individuals are consenting to the use of the information for the purposes identified in this policy. 

5. Personal information will be retained for certain periods of time in accordance with the following: 
- Registration data and athlete information will be retained for a period of three years after an individual has left a program of Skate Brandon. 

Skate Brandon Appeals Policy 

The purpose of this appeals policy is to enable disputes with members to be dealt with fairly, expeditiously and affordably, within Skate Brandon, without recourse to formal legal and court-like procedures. 

Scope of Appeal 
1. Any member of Skate Brandon who is affected by a decision of the Board of Directors, of any Committee of the Board of Directors, or of any body or individual who has been delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the Board of Directors, will have the right to appeal that decision, provided there are sufficient grounds for the appeal Examples of decisions that may be appealed are those relating to eligibility, harassment, team selection and discipline. 

2. This policy will not apply to decisions relating to: 
a) Matters of employment; b) Infractions for doping offenses, which are dealt with pursuant to the Canadian Policy on Doping in Sport and the Canadian Doping Control Regulations; c) The rules of figure skating, which may not be appealed; d) Discipline matter arising during events organized by entities other than Skate Brandon, which are dealt with pursuant to the policies of these other entities; 
Timing of Appeal 

3. Members who wish to appeal a decision will have 21 days from the date on which they received notice of the decision, to submit in writing notice of their intention to appeal, grounds for the appeal and a summary of the evidence which supports these grounds, to the Chairman of Skate Brandon. 

Grounds for Appeal 
4. Not every decision may be appealed. A decision cannot be appealed, nor can an appeal be heard, on substantive grounds relating to the merits of the decision. Decisions may only be appealed, and appeals may only be heard, on procedural grounds. Procedural grounds are strictly limited to the Respondent: 
a) Making a decision for which it did not have authority b) failing to follow procedures as laid out in the bylaws or approved policies of Skate Brandon; or c) making a decision that was influenced by bias. 

Screening of Appeal 
5. Within 5 days of receiving the notice and grounds of an appeal, the Chairman will determine whether there are appropriate grounds for the appeal to proceed. In the absence of the Chairman, a designate will perform this function. 

6. If the appeal is denied on the basis of insufficient grounds, the Appellant will be notified of this decision in writing, giving reasons. This decision is at the sole discretion of the Chairman, or designate, and may not be appealed. 

Appeals Panel 
7. If the Chairman, or designate, is satisfied that there are sufficient grounds for an appeal, within 14 days of having received the original notice of appeal the Chairman will establish an Appeals Panel (the "Panel") as follows: 
a) The Panel will be comprised of three individuals who will have no significant relationship with the affected parties, will have had no involvement with the decision being appealed, and will be free from any other actual or perceived bias or conflict. b) The Panel's members will select from themselves a Chairperson. 
Preliminary Conference 

8. The Panel may determine that the circumstances of the appeal warrant a preliminary conference. The matters which may be considered at a preliminary conference include: 
a) format of the appeal (hearing by documentary evidence, oral hearing or a combination of both); b) timelines for exchange of documents; c) clarification of issues in dispute; d) clarification of evidence to be presented to the Panel; e) order and procedure of hearing; f) identification of witnesses; and g) any other procedural matter which may assist in expediting the appeal proceedings. 

9. The Panel may delegate to its Chairperson the authority to deal with these preliminary matters. 
Procedure for the Hearing

10. Where the Panel has determined that the appeal will be held by way of oral hearing, the Panel will govern the hearing by such procedures as it deems appropriate, provided that:
a) The hearing will be held within 21 days of the Panel's appointment. b) The Appellant and Respondent will be given 10 days written noticeof the date, time and place of the hearing. c) A quorum will be all three Panel members. d) Decisions will be by majority vote, where the Chairperson carries a vote. e) If the decision of the Panel may affect another party to the extent that the other party would have recourse to an appeal in their own right, that party will become a party to the appeal in question. f) Any of the parties may be accompanied by a representative or advisor including legal counsel. g) The Panel may direct that any other person participate in the appeal. 

Procedure for Documentary Appeal 
11. Where the Panel has determined that the appeal will be held by way of documentary submissions, it will govern the appeal by such procedures as it deems appropriate provided that: 
a) All parties are given a reasonable opportunity to provide written submissions to the Panel, to review written submissions of the other parties, and to provide written rebuttal and argument.. 
Evidence that may be Considered 

12. As a general rule, the Panel will only consider evidence that was before the original decision-maker. At its discretion, the Panel may hear new evidence that is material and that was not available at the time of the original decision. 

Appeal Decision 
13. Within 14 days of concluding the appeal, the Panel will issue its written decision, with reasons. In making its decision, the Panel will have no greater authority than that of the original decision-maker. The Panel may decide: 
a) To reject the appeal and confirm the decision being appealed; b) To uphold the appeal and refer the matter back to the initial decision-maker for a new decision; c) To uphold the appeal and vary the decision where it is found that an error occurred and such an error cannot be corrected by the original decision-maker for reason of lack of clear procedure, lack of time, or lack of neutrality; and d) To determine how costs of the appeal, excluding legal fees and legal disbursements of any of the parties, will be allocated, if at all. 

14. A copy of this decision will be provided to each of the parties and to the President. 

15. If the circumstances of the dispute are such that this policy will not allow a timely appeal, or if the circumstances of the disputes are such the appeal cannot be concluded within the timelines dictated in this policy, the Panel may direct that these timelines be revised. 

Final and Binding 
20. The decision of the Panel will be final and binding on the parties and on all members of Skate Brandon.

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