The Intro to CanSkate program is meant to introduce your child to the skating world with you at his or her side. The program is adapted from the CanSkate program, so you will see a lot of similarities and a few differences. The two main differences include the session length of 30 minutes, and the adult partner. We hope having a parent or family friend there alongside them will be a comfort. Due to insurance purposes, the same parent must accompany the skater, on skates, to each session.This program is for younger skaters as a parent or guardian (in skates) will accompany the child on the ice. It is not based on ability, but more emotional readiness. If your skater can manage being on the ice without a parent or guardian, you can choose CanSkate rather than Intro.


When: Tuesdays 4:45-5:15 pm  

Where:  Enns Brothers Arena 

2017/2018 Fees:

10 sessions (October-December or January-March) - $230

20 sessions (October-March) - $380